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Read about adventure, excitement, and a tale that unfolds on the sea with mysterious islands and interesting characters. This first story reveals how the adventure begins and sets the tone for other adventures and new characters. Don’t be surprised if you see an animated adventure for everyone to enjoy too.

The Christmas Pirate® holiday children s book is not what most people expect with this type of title. There are no gun battles, or sword fights, rather the original story was crafted to pull from a child’s imagination to build the scenes in their own minds which are supported by the photos of the Caribbean from long ago. In this new updated book with illustrations of the actual characters a child can read along and imagine what the animated film might become with other adventures to be. 

Initial reaction from academic leaders show this book fits very well into children's reading development. The Christmas Pirate® children’s book is about how a young boy named Kris Masterson follows his dream to become a captain of his own ship just like his father before him. Once he becomes a young man, Kris embarks upon his journey and finds himself on course for an exciting adventure. Along the way he meets some great people, and makes a promise which leads him to be coined The Christmas Pirate®.

Great for students and young readers
Lexile score 810L



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